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Can dogs eat Ritz Crackers?


Can dogs eat Ritz Crackers? A couple of Ritz Crackers now and again probably will not harm your dog. However, Ritz crackers contain a concentration of carbohydrates, fat, and salt that [...]

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Can dogs eat Cheez-Its?


Can dogs eat Cheez-Its?   Cheez-it crackers are a crunchy, salt treat for humans. Tossing one or two to your pup may not hurt them, but we should avoid [...]

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Is xylitol bad for dogs?


Why Xylitol And Sugar-Free Gum Can Kill Your Dog Written by: Dr. Merliza Cabriles, DVM   Xylitol is a natural sugar-free artificial sweetener, which is considered safe for humans but it’s [...]

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