what dog parents should know

Lyme disease in dogs


Lyme disease in dogs Written by: Myla Paggao, vet student at Isabela State University Main Campus Lime disease is a serious tick-born disease which first targeted dogs in 1985 and was [...]

Lyme disease in dogs2017-06-17T04:14:52-06:00

Why dogs eat Poop


Why dogs eat Poop  - Causes and Prevention Written by: Niko Arevalo Lagdaan, vet student at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) Coprophagia or usually known as poop eating has [...]

Why dogs eat Poop2017-07-03T15:03:11-06:00

Dehydration in Dogs


Dehydration in Dogs Written by: Joseph Dizon Lazatin, vet student at Pampanga State Agricultural University Our furry babies do suffer from different degrees of body fluid loss or dehydration concurrently [...]

Dehydration in Dogs2017-06-15T07:20:30-06:00
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