You love dogs, run your own pet business, study or work in the pet care industry? Awesome, let’s join forces!

If you run your own clinic

We can help you increase your visibility and boost your business.

Write for us - VetIf you run an add you never know if the person you are reaching is interested enough to read/ click it (worst if you pay per view) or, with add blockers on the rise, if the add will be shown to your target audience at all. If you write an article on the other hand on a topic dog owners actively search for, they’ll not only read it but be thankful for the information. Now you need to present your content to the right audience, i.e. dog owners who are seeking veterinarian advice, which is where we come in.

We are constantly reaching more than 20,000 dog owners each month (and rising) who are seeking professional advice, and some of them live in your catchment area. A real win-win: You help dogs and their owners, built trust and might make a new client. Let’s make this even better: this opportunity is free for you and the dogs (for a limited time).

All you need to do is get in touch with our site administrator, Margaux. She’ll send you a list of topics our readers are currently most interested in, you write an article, and we post it. We’ll include a link to your website and social media profile to make it as easy as possible for your readers to get in touch with you. Like the idea? Have any questions? Want to get started?
Please drop us a line.

If you work in the veterinarian industry

You can write for us, and make extra $.

Write for us - Vet employee

Send us an email; include a link to your employer’s website and at least one social media profile. We are currently planning four bigger projects and could really use your help. We pay weekly via Paypal by the hour or project.

Drop us a line, and Margaux will get in touch with you regarding the details.

If you are a vet student

You can write for us too, and earn extra $ in the process.

Write for us - Vet StudentsWe have many topics which can be a perfect fit for you. We pay weekly via Paypal by the hour or project.

Send an email to Margaux, including some proof of accreditation of your university, plus a link to at least one social media profile; she’ll get back to you with the details asap.

Small print: For the sake of our furry friends we work with veterinarian professionals only. Therefore please understand that we will screen all information you send to us to make sure that your content, the services or products you are offering are in the best interest of our readers. We will reject to publish content and will not work with anyone who’s not aligned with this goal.